Stilettos Sometimes Painful Always Sexy

One of the biggest health hazards London escorts face, is foot problems. Speak to any of the most fantastic charlotte escorts, and you will find 9 out of 10 charlotte escorts have problem with their feet. That is a rather frightening statistic to be honest with you. When I first started escorting, I vastly underestimated the problem. I put on my stilettos and wore them night after night without thinking what they were doing to my feet and ankles.

It is not only feet that are affected by long term wear of stilettos or other high heel shoes, your ankles are affected. Almost all London escorts that I speak to complain about problems with their ankles. On occasion, it does take me some time to get through to some of the London escorts that I work with, but eventually they realise that things are not right. Wearing high heel shoes all of the time shorten your tendons. That leads to leg pains. One sign that you have problems with your tendons is that you end up walking on your heels all of the time.

To combat ankle pains, you need to stretch your tendons. The best exercises for London escorts who wear high heels all of the time, are yoga and pilates. Both naturally help to stretch the tendons and make them longer. I love to exercise and one of my favourite forms of exercise is yoga. It is even something you can do when you are on between dates during your London escorts shift. I know many girls who have really benefited from regular yoga sessions.

You also need to invest in some good quality foot creams. Cracked heels syndrome is something most London escorts suffer from and you need to stay on top of it. The best way to do so, is to soak your feet on a regular basis. You should also use a cream that does not dry out the skin on your feet. Footcare creams that contain alcohol will only dry out your skin and not help your feet at all. As a matter of fact, they will cause the skin on your feet to crack. Go for natural creams that make the skin on your feet soft.

On your days off from London escorts, you should try to not wear high heels shoes or stilettos. I know that is easier said than done for many girls. Let’s be honest, a pair of high heels really do make your legs look great. At the same time, they do a lot of damage. When you feel that you can, try to wear flats instead. That will help to protect your feet. Also do a lot of walking in flat shoes or Masai warrior walking shoes. It will help to tone your legs and ankles as well as look after your feet. Looking after your feet does not have to be complicated. My feet feel and look great since I started to look after them.

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